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Welcome to Direwild!

Once a hero, Karn corrupted himself in order to subjugate the land of Direwild. He then hunted and destroyed almost all that would oppose him. It is now up to a final band of heroes to try to put a stop to him. In Direwild, up to four heroes will move through the lands in an attempt to defeat Karn’s minions, and eventually Karn himself. Heroes will work as a team, purchasing creatures to aide their fight, gain magic, and uncover treasures. All the while, Karn is trying to hunt and destroy the heroes before they become a threat to him!


Box Contents

Over 300 cards!
30 magic crystals
4 turn order tokens
4 treasure tokens
4 reference boards
5 double sided hero boards (10 unique playable heroes)
15 character cutouts
10 stands
12 wooden cubes
1 double sided land board
1 main game board
2 dice
7 save game system tuck boxes




Fully Cooperative


Direwild is a completely co-operative game. All enemy actions in the game are controlled by A.I cards. It will take your group’s cunning, tactical prowess and deck building skills to overcome the threat facing the land. 2-4 players will choose from 10 unique heroes and set out working as a team to fight through three different lands in an attempt to defeat Karn.

Deckbuilding RPG


Each player will slowly craft their hero by the creature cards they purchase. When those creatures are brought into battle, the player then chooses how to combine them into one powerful creature!

There are a huge amount of creature card synergies and hero power synergies to explore!


With the player's current hand, they chose to build a cute, loyal, calm, scythed raptor!

Tactical dungeon crawling


The minions of Karn are strong, and can only be defeated by tactical thinking on the part of the heroes. Should you try to attack a minion already distracted from a battle with your team mate? Should you instead go for some treasure? Or could you work out a way to use the terrain to your advantage? Whatever you choose, make sure you work as a team!


There are over 130 creatures in the Wilds to build your deck from. Your strategy of building will vary from game to game based on the creatures available to your team. Treasures you uncover will also be different between games. Minions are randomly selected for each level, so you can play many games and never have the same mixture of enemies. There are 10 unique heroes to select from, and the team composition will change each experience as well. Even Karn has a wide variety of attacks that will keep you on your toes from game to game!




A quick primer on Direwild, a fully co-operative deckbuilding dungeon crawler!

A quick video showing how to set up a new game of Direwild!
This game looks and feels amazing!! Hope you guys enjoy the playthrough of what I think is a hidden gem! Join our Slack group and you can talk to us directly! http://bit.ly/onestopslack Upcoming Playthrough GeekList: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/228809/one-stop-co-op-shop-upcoming-playthroughs "Music from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)" As always thank you for watching!

Download Rules



Rulebook 1: setup

Contains introduction, game setup, game save, and card clarifications


rulebook 2: gameplay

The rules are designed to be learned as you play



Read this first if you are about to play Direwild on Tabletopia!



"What did I like about Direwild? I liked everything about Direwild"

-Undead Viking


" Direwild is a thought-provoking, puzzly co-operative, dungeon crawling deck builder. It takes the best parts of a deckbuilder and fuses it into a fun dungeon crawl experience. Direwild is easily one of the best deck builders I’ve played and is certainly one of my favorite dungeon crawls. "

- Derek Funkhouser, Druid City Games


"Direwild was an incredibly fun deck builder with unique character design, as well as a friendly and welcoming design. I'm extremely excited to be able to play this game with friends, as it is easy to pick up on, and provides challenging game play with a co-operative objective. In a world of PvP board games with a poor choice of Co-op games; Direwild rode to the top as one of my most anticipated Co-op board games."

-Jonah Henn, PAX West 2017


"Overall I really liked the variable player powers, randomized offer, consistent theme, and unique hand building mechanic. I haven't experienced a deckbuilder that had so many fun dungeon crawl elements until now."

-Scott Yost, Boardgamegeek.com

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$1 Backers!

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2fat2fly Games – Banded elk skinned emu

Aaron DeChant – Twin hearted unyielding crow

Aaron G. - Star eyed darting mouse

Adilia Ramos – Hippo sized mosquito hawk

Adli Ghani - Goat eyed walrus tusked chimp

Alan – Herbivorous twelve ton zebu

Alex Britten – Iguana eyed fast reflex dormouse

Alex So – Horse hooved crowned anemone fish

Allison Mages – roaring underground ice phoenix

Alton C. Capps – Boar tusked interloping locust

Andrew Wilson - Lion maned rabbit

Andy Quiles - Quilled Plague Rat

Archona Games – Time travelling spikey puma

ARIAKAS – Blue tongued spear clawed llama

Aric – Salty light footed prairie dog

Arjan de Pooter - Hippo jawed large muscled jerboa

ArkhamZombie - Undead burrowing mongoose

Artur - Immortal scaled anteater

AtomicFenix – Double clawed poison coyote

Atomicsoul – Swallow tailed dive bombing hippo

Balázs Varga - Exploding terrorbear

Ben – Horse hooved sky cresting bighorn

benji t – Hard shelled arctic wolf

Benoit Cecyre – Bent clawed ruby throated night hawk

Bjarne Handeland – Musclebound oxen shouldered capybaras

BoardGameRevolution – Immortal deaths head crocodile

Bobvatar – Owl necked charging ox

Braude - Tiny ultra-dense elephant

Brendan Sullivan – Owl faced murder oxen

Brialoke – Mottled amphibious peregrine

Brian Potter - Conic dumb dugong

Brian Walker - Hot blooded slithering turtle

Carl Sho'nuff Fritzen - Hyena faced blood sucking gila monster

Cary Harrison- Carnivorous triple eyed scorpion

Chace Orton - Leather ridged bat hawk

Chandler – Ring tailed ridge backed tree frog

Channing Parsons – Elegant whip tailed vulture

Charles Agel – Scorpion tailed hungry mountain lion

Chris Garrett – Tortoise shelled dog eared locust

Chris Glein - Standing unicorned mink

Christopher Thomas - Deadly civilized octopus

chuanxin - Kangaroo legged alpaca

Cody – Upper atmosphere cackling mole

cody lacey - 8 legged wonder goat

Corey - Towering 2 ton pigeon

Cris R. – Monkey pawed supersonic salamander

Dana Boyd – Porcupine spiked rustling jaguar

Daniel Cassidy – Underwater ring eyed buck

Daniel Willams - Chitinous cunning chipmunk

David - Buttery eccentric sugar glider

David Jacob Kalaskie – Snake eyed shifting koala

David Lockwood - Hardshelled rolling anteater

David Tomlinson – 2 foot frothing ewe

Dax Hamon – Legendary white eyed panda

DerwoodJones - Spiny clubbed tail salamander

Dickon Varnum –  Rooster crested cocky anaconda

DimHalo – Amphibious vulture winged tortoise

DJ "Shadow Lynx" Smith – Greatwinged sabretoothed cheetah

Don Hiles – Frilled poison skinned  squirrel

Doré – Giant piercing peacock

Dr. Jimes Tooper – Razor thin silent stork

Draki McGrother – Microscopic regenerating meerkat

DwarvenBrawler – Short legged cannonball rhino

Dylan Croft – Glass tooth 30 kilo army ant

Dylan Grozdanich – soft hearted razor backed badger

Elaine – Undaunted dagger toothed toucan

Emelie Van Rodin – Knife body devil ferret

EmperorMeow – Purrfect  twin tailed lynx

Francesco P. – Lilac bat winged lion

Frank Castillo – Acid spit underground hyena

Fredrik Leander - Blind super fast tapir

Gerardo Ortega - Skulking fearless wombat

Greg Hardy - Poison fanged screaming eagle

Gregor Huber – Exoplated burning horse

Gremlin Project – Shriveled four armed raptor

Guillermo Arce – Bored hummingbird hearted bullfrog

Gutris - Hammer crested nail tapir

Gweltaz Gestin – Serpentine 4 armed gopher

HaiKulture – Scorpion tailed fungal hedgehog

Hank von Helvete – Heavy clawed earth breaking stoat

Heidi L – Swan winged underwater cougar

HikerAlan – Long strided eagle eyed civet

Hun – Angry bearded hippopotamus

Ian in SLC - blindingly fast bee winged snow leopard

Ian McFarlin – badger clawed hot blooded sparrow

Immanuel Aquino – City sized ruinous tardigrade

Jann Norman - Zen like cannibal duck

Jason David Taylor II - Flower shouldered flying bear

Jaxon Porter - Confused slippery civet

jeffrey3378 – Black eyed scythed kangaroo

Jeremy DeBottis- Parrot mouthed, shifting porcupine

Jérémy Pinget – Flying gobbling spindle chicken

Jessica Simzyk - Ultra laid back cat eyed sloth

Joe Anders – Poison resistant water hawk

Joel – Giraffe necked sheep

John M. Ford – Spotted tentacle mouthed grasshopper

Jon Stamnitz – Spiral horned clumsy stone tiger

Jorune - Chittering headstrong llama

Joseph Nicholas - Bat eared flaming waterdragon

joxer96 - Ponderous armored fox

Kalein – Black throated razor puffin

Kamaitatchi – Long nosed 9 banded vampire bat

Karanaida – Tiger clawed death panda

keeghanc - Boar tusked loveable hamster

Kelsey– Remorseless slithering basilisk

Khepera – Leaping shaggy red panda

Klakak - Poison barbed musk deer

KMSME - Slime covered heatseaking eagle

Kovaks – Long tailed spotted liquid kaffir

K-reem – Deer horned reflexive rabbit

Krista Rakozy – Highland lithe killer fawn

Ku Hap – 12 toed barking gecko

Kukadlo – Slug stalk inferno lemur

l3ol3afett – Oversized melting armadillo

Lacy - Tiny venomous snow owl

Laurent1975 – Baby gator toothed bat

Lee Chen Hung – Sporting hard coated chipmunk

Levi – Double headed cuddly tarantula

Liahim – Falcon beaked room-sized echidna

LionWing Publishing - Noble shimmering skinned manticore

Maggie Siebert - Rock skinned digging asp

makofrosh - Gecko skinned talking crow

Marc Broadbent - Sealskinned soaring cougar

Marcus Utley – Rat sized horse faced duck

Mark Jonny Konrath – Blood raged opportunistic gibbon

Mark McCloud - Firebreathing soaring otter

Markus Martin - Spotted merciless impala

Martin Aas Andersen –Bat winged sea lion

Martin Peladeau - Sharp tailed horned gopher

Martyn Allan - Winged supersonic tree frog

Mateusz Sobieraj – Fire tailed ill tempered songbird

Matt Lloyd - Confused heavyset griffon

Matthew Lanham – Snail shelled hummingbird

Mcocky – Prowling horse junked ferret

Megan- Soft swimming wallaby

Melhilion - Multi legged giant horse

Michael C. – Towering prehistoric sloth

Michael Glambeck – Multiheaded wandering crocodile

Michal Vitkovsky - Moose horned spotted buffalo

Miguel Luiz Podadera Filho - Snake tailed fire gator

Mistersam – Kung fu bladed penguin

Mkanderson - Beaver tailed daredevil lovebird

MRCollier – Bat winged sparrow beaked okapi

MrFunk - Funky crab clawed chipmunk

Nathan Biangel – Eagle taloned oversized field mouse

Nick - Dinky telepathic waterbuck

Ole Mallow – Grizzled long tusked zebra

Ostlander – Pouncing hot headed shrew

Owain – Glowing knob nosed jackal

Pacein – Doe eyed ravenous hoatzin

Paul – Level headed ram skulled boar

Raterma – Mischievous poison clawed bonobo

razor001 – Octopus limbed shark skinned ostrich

Rich Langston - howling wolf mole

richard parent – Puma faced ape chested raccoon

Richard Simpson - Hammer tailed crashing mutt

Rob M. – Flickering determined horned toad

Robert - Goat eating demon camel

Robert Pavlas - Nightvisioned camouflaged orangutan

Roger Orth-  Mandrill brained eagle owl

Rory Donovan – Fork tailed lightning egret

Russell Malo - Rose nosed hyper mustang

Sal - Salivating armored deer

Sam – Slime covered hardened beetle

Samantha Clayton – Panda sized blood drinking tarsier

Samuel Bruch - Gristle fanged razorback

Sandra - Hulking night visioned wolverine

Saoli – poison dart leaping chicken

Scott Lineberg – Dinosized lovable jerboa

Scott Morris – Baby monkey pawed T-rex

Scott Yost – Annihilating sly night owl

Sean Epperson – Jovial night shade box jellyfish

Sebastien PELC - Deadly striped baby coati

seel julien - Yak furred bounding monkey

Shafer Gilson – Egg laying hardened coatl

Steve Yang  - Young scarred fire hawk

Steven Shelley – Heron crested divebombing triceratops

Stuart Henry - Razor skinned snow white kangaroo

Swampfox01 – Camouflaged iron coiled raccoon

T. Bishop – Bunny eared limber kodiak

Tabula Games – Spiny browed purple lemming

Tahne Grobler - Lithe razor clawed serval

that Matt – Long toothed sinuous zebra

The Game Steward - Gilled amorphous vulture

Thomas Milazzo – Cow eyed spherical egret

Timothe Lapetite / AcidCake – Scaly grey hide gerbil

Timothy – Nocturnal double headed meerkat

Toby – Binge drinking albatross

Todd Marsh – Large horned laughing python

Tom – Spur winged treacherous leopard

Torsten Stelling – Shimmering ice hearted tabby cat

Tyson Mertlich – Cobra fanged crab clawed mongoose

Vantage Point Productions – Sweet sweet toki lou

Vatal Entertainment Studio – Thick legged shrieking mole rat

Vincent Fu Xishun – Kitten pawed loping otter

Weena Legault – Polar furred charging camel

Zachary Homrighaus – Bear faced black crested antelope

Zombieversteher – Undead mandrill faced fox